A flexible wordpress events calendar …

Create, edit and manage events in wordpress.  Encourage your members or potential customers to bookmark the dates that may suit them directly into their calendars, or to subscribe to the whole calendar or a subset (category or other taxonomy). Turn your wordpress site into a full blown event cms.  Uses the free highly rated amr-ical-events-list plugin by the same author.



amr-ical-events-list (free)

Event entry
  • Normal post or custom post type
  • Full wp text and image editing
  • categories, tags, taxonomies
  • Flexible date and time entry use am/pm or 24 hr clock
  • Datepicker (customisable)
  • Localised start of week
  • by external public ics file (eg: google calendar, facebook, artist data) or own ics file loaded to server, or multiple files
Event Types
  • Recurring events
  • daily, weekly, monthly, yearly
  • Until date, by number of instances or forever
  • Excluded dates
  • Included special dates
  • by day of week, day of month, last, first etc
  • DITTO as per amr-events, but via ics file – see what your ics editor can do.  The plugin will handle it!
Event Listings
  • DITTO –  Very full featured and customisable – provided by free  amr-ical-events-list
  • Some additional features such as eventsoffset=n parameter
  • List, Agenda
  • Box calendar
  • Yearly (or period) multi calendar
  • Weekly schedule (horizontal or vertical)
  • Upcoming events list widget
  • Small box calendar widget
  • Integrated combination of widgets
  • Choice of HTML produced (Tables, lists, HTML5)
  • DITTO plus….
  • Many css selectors for ultimate css styling flexibility
  • css selectors as possible by data in ics file, plus date related (today, last day in week etc)
  • Your Theme’s styling plus essential css for calendar etc, plus option to switch off or customise
  • Small or large icons or text only for links
  •  Standard categories, tags, plus taxonomies
  •  as available in ics files (categories, status etc)
Geographic Integration
  • Integrates with multiple geo plugins
  • or a default simple option
  • google map link using location data as passed by ics file.
  • Event markup for improved search engine results (rich snippets)
  • Use SEO plugins for your event posts
  •  Event markup
  • Fully translateable
  • Uses wp date and time format localisation functions
  •  DITTO
  •  ICS Feeds with categories, authors etc
  •  DITTO – within limits of ics file
  • Import/Export customised list types
  • Clean up old events
Plugin Integration
  • Integrates with potential any wp plugin
  •  n/a as ics file used, not posts
and more…
  • Timezone switching,
  • choice of navigation options through events,
  • Filters and pluggable functions
  •  DITTO

Quick Installation

  1. Use normal wordpress install for zip file.
  2. Create event in new events menu
  3. Create page for calendar – enter shortcode [events] in new page.

Shortcode Usage

Get going quickly and simply with the basic shortcodes

  1. [largecalendar]
  2. [smallcalendar]
  3. [events]
  4. [iCal]

Or explore the advanced possibilities of additional shortcodes and shortcode parameters


  • Several translations have already been provided, and more are continually being added.  (Italian, Swedish, Polish, French, Danish, German, Belorussian, Russian, Hindi ).
  • The plugin uses wordpress core date and time translations to provide localised dates and times even without plugin translation files.

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