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Memory Problems or Timeouts ?

Experiencing memory problems or  timeouts ? Check the following:

Are your default wordpress and php memory settings up to handling all that you have added to the site?

Over time, as you add change themes, and add plugins, your wordpress setup starts needing more and more memory.   Sometimes the last plugin added is the one that ‘tips it over the threshhold’.   It may not be the main memory hog (or it may see below.)       Please check your wordpress and php memory limits.  Here are some helpful posts:

If your memory setting is already quite high, then evaluate whether you are asking the plugin to do too much:

Do you have recurring events ?

If you do have recurring events, please consider the following carefully:

How many days, months and number of events have you set as your maximum ?

This can influence how much work are you expecting the plugin to do.  Setting unnecessary high thresholds can cause a lot of extra work.   More info on number of events, number of days or months here.

How old is your ics file and how many ‘old’ events does it have ?

If it’s a google calendar, the ics feed does not at time of writing offer a way to request future events only.  This means your ics file will grow. The plugin has to parse ALL the events in the file, hold them in memory to check for a possible modifying VEVENT with a later sequence number that modifies the date. More info on google calendar ics files – and how to bulk delete old events.


Google indexing, bandwidth and calendar parameters


spiders clogging up the works
March 2012 in Australia has been very wet - the spiders don't like it any more than we do!


The events plugin does what it can to help get your events indexed (see below).  Dynamic event lists change frequently (daily or more?) as time goes by – they drop off old events and show the newer ones.  These frequent “updates” could perhaps cause more attention from a search engine.    Widgets (box and calendar) that have internal links back to the main calendar page can also make google think that page is important.  Especially if those widgets are on every page.

Maybe that is what you want, and maybe it is not!  You may need to control it.

You the webmaster can help the seach engine spiders or crawlers further to index your site while not chomping all your bandwith.

How events plugin helps indexing:

Other tools to manage indexing and bandwidth

How to get your events indexed:

How to manage bandwidth


  • Think carefully about using multple views and about the sidebar widgets that can generate a plethora of links back to the calendar page -Get other measures  in place to avoid overemphasising the calendar page importance
  • Attempting to avoid bandwith issues may affect indexing – wrt query string parameters.  Best is to ‘tell’ google what to focus on.  See webmaster guidelines
  • It seems google will be indexing the POST variables too and they advise sticking with GET (ie the query parameters)
  • Hmm – maybe adding rel=”next” and “prev” to pagination will help avoid diluting page rank? See googles video or article
  • Also we should consider sidebar widget issues – links on every page that point to the same  may overly highlight the calendar page and make it more important – sometimes this is intentional and sometimes not.  Related question via Brad Gosse: 2010/12/06/do-tag-clouds-in-sidebars-affect-seo-ranks?    Should the widgets have no follow links on certain links ? …. but we want that indexing….maybe just the rel control?