Html List Styles

For advanced users with specific requirements only

Do you care about the html that a plugin generates?  Some don’t as long as it works, and that’s okay – you can skip this…..

Do the default list types offered suit your requirements ? yes … good ! you too can skip this…..

The events plugins allow you to choose the html generated for the event lists.  This affects the html and a little bit the logic (eg: the box calendar option will show empty days of course.).  The same ids and classes are used, same content generated etc. The html styles do NOT control what fields appear where – that is up to the rest of the list type settings.

If you do decide to customise a list type and /or change the html style, please consider whether

In the list type configuration, you can choose a html style

Example result:


html5 - a simple version


If you use firefox with firebug, or chrome, you’ll know how to inspect the html elements to see the structure developed.  Here is a quick overview of   some of the html style options that the plugin offers:

TABLE: Default table based html for event lists
LISTS: not a table - groups are lists and events under the group
HTML5Table: more table than html5, simpler
HTML5: an html5 option using sections and articles - requires css to look meaningful
SMALLCALENDAR: table based (of course)
LARGECALENDAR: table based, more detail for events. the default css expects 'column2' or 'details2' to only display on hover.