Getting started

Installation or Upgrade

The full events functionality is provided by 2 plugins:

  • amr-events is the paid plugin.  Unzip the ftp file and upload all the subfolders.  If upgrading, please note  whether the file structure has changed.  Many of the files are now in the ‘includes’ subfolder.  If so, please delete,rename or save the previous version somewhere else so you have a clean setup.
  • amr-ical-events-list is the free original events plugin.    It must be installed from wordpress just like any other wordpress plugin.  The amr-events plugin will assist with this if you do not already have it loaded.  Earlier versions had this nested in the amr-events plugin, however this was not optimal. It must now stand alone.

Getting started for amr-events

  1. Create event in new events menu, make sure that the event is in future, say in the next few days. Publish
  2. Create a page for calendar – enter a shortcode eg: [events] in new page. Publish
  3. View your event list or calendar

Getting started for amr-ical-events-list

  1. Create a calendar in your favourite calendar application, or find a public ics url .   Google eccentric holidays is a fun one to test with. has many calendars too.
  2. Check that  the ics link is accessible in a browser without you being logged into the site or application that created it.   Check that there are events in the not too distant future.
  3. Create page for calendar – enter shortcode [iCal http:youricsurl.ics] in new page. Publish.

Customising listings

A number of list types or templates are all setup, ready to use. Some are specific to the widget or the calendar – all are customisable.  See list-types