Categories and taxonomies

The plugin works automatically with wordpress taxonomies, categories, tags etc. [For events created by amr-events, ie events stored in your wordpress system, and not coming from an ics file.  For ics file categories, see]

Filter events by category:

How to filter by category and perhaps one has too many categories to have them all displayed at once?

  1. Event Taxonomies Archives widget on one page
  2. Own html links – on one page or several
  3. Multiple pages  – a page per category or taxonomy
Screenshot of a variety of event taxonomy widgets
A variety of event taxonomy widgets

1. Event Taxonomy Archives widget on a single page

  • Drag the widget to a sidebar
  • Enter the agenda or calendar page url in the field in the widget.
  • Widget documentation
  • Demo (if not changed by anyone !)

2. Own html links

Create your own html links with appropriate parameters
The html
  • to create a tabbed effect perhaps with some additional css?
  • Hardcode your own html links to pass choices to the page (above or below the shortcode)
  • Demo here (using a places taxonomy)
  • add ?category_name=whatever to the href.


<a href="yoururl??category_name=whatever">whatever</a>

3. A page per category or taxonomy?

  • Perhaps  if you wanted to have different list types?
  • Tailored permalinks and seo optimisation per page
  • Easy to add to wordpress menu if only a few categories
  • Use the shortcode parameters.


[events category_name=whatever listtype=x]