Use the shortcodes and their parameters to create any number of pages for different calendars (eg: by taxonomy) or combinations of external calendars.   The shortcodes all have default settings, so they will work just plainly as they are. For advanced users, there is powerful set of parameters. Shortcodes Parameters Examples Available shortcodes are: Shortcode … Continue reading Shortcodes


Detailed Feature List (There are many features, so this is a work in progress…) Simplicity vs Features Can be very simple if you want it to be.  I have attempted to setup the defaults so that one can simply activate, create a calendar page with shortcode or a widget enter dates, and that’s it! Or … Continue reading Features

amr ical events list

This plugin is available FREE at If you decide to purchase access to it through this site, your payment will be regarded as a contribution to it’s ongoing development and support.


A flexible wordpress events calendar … Create, edit and manage events in wordpress.  Encourage your members or potential customers to bookmark the dates that may suit them directly into their calendars, or to subscribe to the whole calendar or a subset (category or other taxonomy). Turn your wordpress site into a full blown event cms.  … Continue reading Home