HTML5 event listings, own event html, plugin filters …

Version 1.9.5 and 3.9.5 (the wp version)  just released has a few new features. Highlights new html5 listings (experimental).  If you do not see them on your system due to saved settings, have a look at . To see on your system you may need to “reset” your listtypes  – or you can copy … Continue reading HTML5 event listings, own event html, plugin filters …


Documentation is available in a number of ways: Pages below this one in the menu for general documentation. Shortcodes and their parameters List Types (Templates) Dates and Times Widgets Feeds Filters and pluggable functions (advanced WordPress and php users only) Grouping events and styling groups of events Expanding and collapsing groupings Formatting date related groupings … Continue reading Documentation

amr-events 1.6, taxonomies etc

Version 1.6 of amr-events is now available at Version 3.6 of the free version is available as a download here: amr-ical-events-list-3.6 Do not use the zip install, it will most likely not work.  Rather unzip locally and then ftp the files up.     This version will be svn’ed up to wordpress in early February. Version … Continue reading amr-events 1.6, taxonomies etc

Event Feeds

Event feeds can be RSS feeds – they are in date entered order, only the “newest” events and can be read in a feed reader Ics feeds – they contain ALL the events (or at least all those queried), and can be subscribed to by calendar programs or imported Rss Feeds Events will appear in … Continue reading Event Feeds


For our mutual convenience, support for paid access is now by email. Free plugin users, please use the forum. The quickest solutions come when you can help yourself or failing that provide as much info as you possibly can. Try reading the documentation:, search on keywords of your problem: checking the forum … Continue reading Support

How to stop browsers wrapping the date time table column

Tables (real tables I mean, not pseudo ones for display purposes) are wonderful things most of the time. The browsers automatically adjust the column sizes for you based on the content.  Isn’t that great! Except when they make ‘bad decisions’ such as wrap when you do not want them to (the break-word or word wrap … Continue reading How to stop browsers wrapping the date time table column