Categories and taxonomies

The plugin works automatically with wordpress taxonomies, categories, tags etc. [For events created by amr-events, ie events stored in your wordpress system, and not coming from an ics file.  For ics file categories, see] Event feeds available by taxonomy or category Taxonomies or categories can be chosen for display in the event details or … Continue reading Categories and taxonomies


I’ve had a couple of queries about “templates” or “template tags”. Yes you can do it, but first some thoughts: I think the list types give you the template type control without all the hassle of coding and testing yourself.   They’ve been around a while now and are pretty stable. Using a theme template  … Continue reading Templates

Html List Styles

For advanced users with specific requirements only Do you care about the html that a plugin generates?  Some don’t as long as it works, and that’s okay – you can skip this….. Do the default list types offered suit your requirements ? yes … good ! you too can skip this….. The events plugins allow … Continue reading Html List Styles