Custom ics fields addon

This add-on is in response to a unique request.  The request was to be able to specify a different title other then the entered post title for the ics subscribe link.

For example: if the event is titled ‘Fall Soccer’, the client wanted the ics title to be something like ‘Register for Fall Soccer’.

It is also possible that one might have a very detailed event description, but prefer a more succinct description for the ics calendar subscription link.

This plugin could be modified to include more fields should you wish.   This version allows for two optional fields to be entered when maintaining an event in wordpress.

  • ics_title, and
  • ics_description

It uses filters available in the main plugin so does not require any modification to the main plugin.

The optional data entry fields will appear below the event data fields.  The location can of course be changed individually, or you could use amr-user-templates to customise the location for all your event creators.

Note: an alternate way to do this if the dates of registration and start dates are different may be to have two events:

  • one for registration
  • one for the start of the activity

This addon was tested on wp 3.6.1 with version 4.5 of amr-ical-events-list and 3.0.11 of amr-events.


update pending

[download#8]  (custom post types and/or posts as events)

[download#6] (custom post type events only)



Optional entry of the custom ics fields
Optional entry of the custom ics fields
normal event page with event information and ics subscribe link
Custom ics fields
The ics file hat the subscribe link will produce – showing the custom title and description