amr ical events list

This wordpress calendar plugin is  available free via wordpress lists upcoming events from a one or more ical feeds ( .ics files in RFC 5545 2445 format). Ical feeds are available from many places.

NOTE: the ical spec is complex – almost all has been implemented – i’d wager more than most plugins!   Please check the list against the events you wish to create. Sometimes there is another way to specify the same recurring event.

The plugin is available in pages (using shortcodes) or as widgets.

amr ical in use in the wild
amr ical in use in the wild


  • can combine multiple calendars (for example: include public holidays or moon phases along with your calendar);
  • offer your viewers the possibility of automatically adding events with it’s detail straight into their google calendar, or even the whole calendar into their calendar application;
  • offers the ability to group your events for readability and style. Grouping can be done by a variety of methods, such as daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or by seasons!
  • works ‘out the box’ with an option to do own styling via a combination of list types to control content and lots of css tags to control styling;
  • a number of preset styling options offered to give you an idea of what is possible;
  • specify your own locale specific date and time styling
  • handles timezones, daylight saving with options to redisplay in original calendar timezone.
  • can list not only events, but also the other ical components like todo tasks, freebusy, journal (notes)
  • allows for internationalisation, however translation files still required – any volunteers?
  • W3C validated Css and the html
  • cache’s the files for improved performance. Refresh option for testing.
  • handles nearly recurrence rules (more than others I’d bet!)

ShortCode Usage:


Widget Usage

Widget with 2 urls


Widget with shortcode usage

The widget now has all the functionality of the shortcode above

  • Title: The usual widget title option
  • Calendar URL – If you have a calendar page, specifiy it here. This can be used as a default link destination for those events that do not have a URL. A link is generated on the event summary text. the event description is shown as the title text, and the URL is the destnation (or the calendar page)
  • Urls – separate multiple urls with a comma spaces. Add shortcode parameters as per above.

Test site

The test site:  lets you try out some of the possibilities with your calendars on this site or the language test site.

Some List Types (more all the time)

(you can create more or customise these)

  • listtype=1 (default)
  • listtype=2 (suits venue based events like shows)
  • listtype=3 (timetable)
  • listtype=4 (widget)
  • listtype=5 (lots of groupings)
  • listtype=6 (for test purposes only, has all the groupings)

Note: The List type format is entirely configurable via the settings page on your web. types 1 to 6 are examples to show you what is possible.


Download at the WordPress Plugin Page: