amr events


  • Adds in website event creation to theĀ  free amr-ical-events-list plugin
    • combine with an external ics calendar feed
    • this integration gives multiple html, css and formatting options
  • Create and edit events with
    • very flexible date and time entry – great for usability and different users
    • html
    • images in the event content
    • wordpress shortcodes and filters
    • locations, with link to google maps
    • recurring details as per ical spec
    • as standard posts OR as custom post types
  • Full power of wordpress taxonomies, categories and tags for grouping and classifying your events, including a variety of styling options
  • Integrates with geo plugins
  • Taxonomy event selection widget
  • Each event can have it’s own post page – View events with additional event information
    • as posts or like a post using custom post types
    • with wordpress shortcodes applied
    • with configurable layout, human style repeating information
    • “next events” calculated from the current date
  • Generate own Ical (ics) feedto allow subscription in calendar applications
    • all events
    • by category
    • by author
    • by tag
    • or individual event
    • basically anything that has an RSS feed (and in future release by other taxonomies)
  • .. and more


Very stable, mature code:

  • In August 2008 the free amr-ical-events-list plugin was launched
  • In August 2010 amr-events was launched as a paid upgrade
  • Additional features considered and regularly implemented

1 years access to updates

  • amr-events3.17
  • amr-events3.18
  • amr-events3.19