anmari and kids
anmari and kids

Plugin History

The plugin began back in August 2008 as a project for my child’s school.  The kids wanted to keep the events table format that they had. There wasn’t a plugin out there at that time that quite did it the way we needed it to be.

And from there it grew as a kind of an intellectual challenge…. especially with respect to the recurring events specification.

I enjoyed it, but it was taking up a lot of time and as more people used it, the support requested grew, so I decided to create a ‘paid’ version to recoup some of that effort.  I did not want to charge for support – I prefer to develop a plugin and documentation that as much as possible supports itself.

The Developer

I have spent the last 10 years or so, working with websites, wordpress, php development, html and css.  My skills lie more in the technical application development side rather than in the graphics webdesign area.

Before that I worked for many years as a Business Information Systems consultant (contract and in-house) mainly for Accenture but with other large companies too.  After having managed large projects teams, I enjoy working for myself now at my pace.

I also have a Honours degree in computer science, but that is not terribly relevant to today’s work!

My experience with large projects means that I have little sympathy for those who do not apply good practices to their web development without being able to cope with the possible result.  (Do NOT click on that auto update button if you are not prepared or able to deal with the potential consequences)

My main site is anmari.com.

Some other profiles: