Localisation The events plugin helps you localise your events website it uses the wordpress date i18n function for localised weekdays, months etc and dateformat all text fields are translatable some text fields are editable (if not multi-lingual) Plugin language files available amr-ical-events-list (the free version) handles most of the ‘public’ side of the events plugin … Continue reading Translations

Complete multi-lingual event website

To achieve a complete multi-lingual website using amr-events and amr-ical-events-list, the following are required: the wordpress language files These are required for the day, month etc event time localisations.  See this post for instructions and links. your theme language files Some theme language files can be found at . You may have to click … Continue reading Complete multi-lingual event website

Languages and localisation, dates

Translation of dates, months etc is done using the wordpress date_i18n function.   This is the same way that your posts date and time translations would be done. This means that to achieve date localisation (translation) you should install the base wordpress translation files for each of the languages you wish to use. The wp-native-dashboard plugin … Continue reading Languages and localisation, dates

amr-events 1.6, taxonomies etc

Version 1.6 of amr-events is now available at Version 3.6 of the free version is available as a download here: amr-ical-events-list-3.6 Do not use the zip install, it will most likely not work.  Rather unzip locally and then ftp the files up.     This version will be svn’ed up to wordpress in early February. Version … Continue reading amr-events 1.6, taxonomies etc