Problem with Dates/Time – Off by 1 Hour?

The dangers in choosing an events plugin without knowing whether it properly supports timezones and daylight saving. The developer may not have needed daylight saving for his country, but if you have daylight saving, or your users are intentional / across time zones, it is very important. Even if a developer has timezone support, will he/she have dealt with recurring events properly (where event recurs in one timezone, but is displayed in another… )

Terms and Conditions

Guarantee and Limitation of Liability While much testing is done on a variety of sites and with a variety of data, there is no guarantee that any plugin will work seamlessly on your specific installation. You are responsible for testing the integration. While support and assistance and advice is often provided, there is no guarantee … Continue reading Terms and Conditions

Ics Guides & Resources

Ics Specification RFC 5545 RFC 5545 Ical Specifications (replaced 2445)’s easier to read selected RFC5545 Wikipedia overview (fairly handy) CalConnectSM, The Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium iCal Clients Recurrence Rules Interoperability Matrix Ical Requirements (the shoulds, musts, and must not) Ics (Icalendar) Validators: These are helpful but not necessarily complete.  They have been described by … Continue reading Ics Guides & Resources