Very useful google calendar toolkit – GcalToolKit

There are tools that I am very grateful that someone created them.  They are useful and do their specific job well. Things like notepad++, and if you work with events – the GcalToolKit:  If you work with multiple google calendars and use calendar ics files frequently, then you may well find yourself one day in a spot of bother.

Google doesn’t make it easy to bulk manage events, and if your calendar provider has not yet figured out that offering calendar subscriptions is the intelligent way to go.  I have a certain provider of school management software in mind, who several years ago said they were ‘working on this feature’, still don’t have it.  This means that each term (!!!) and every time my child’s timetable changes, I have to logon and redownload the ics file, delete existing events and re-import. And no, they don’t do recurring events – each class is a separate entry (shock horror)

So today I want to give  many thanks to  Neil Gerstenberg for his Google calendar toolkit.

Google Calendar Events Bulk Delete and Management