Table css, overlapping or disappearing sidebars

Table widths and css

Tables are wonderful  – they expand beautifully and naturally to fit your content, but sometimes that same content can make the table do  weird things.

Loooong Urls

Please be sure to test your css in your theme with representative content.

The plugin tries to deal with some of the problems that occur.  For example long urls that can make a table expand too much.   See also plugin-and-theme-css-not-working-well-together.

Sometimes the only way to really sort a table width out is to “fix” the width of the table and/or the table cells.    Now this the plugin has to leave this to you – some people have wide content areas, some not.  Some have lots of info displayed,  others have minimal.

The plugin has no way of knowing what size would work best for you.

I suggest that you use something like firebug to see what your theme is doing (or not doing!) and then google table+css+width for ideas on what might work with your theme.   You know the size of content area that your calendar or agenda list must fit into and perhaps simply setting the width of the table and/or the table cells will be the answer.

Coping with a wide table

A suggestion from

Css3 options:

  • word-wrap: break-word has some browser support
  • word-break: (normal, break-all, keep-all) aimed at dealing with mixed character sets.  Random Break Point.


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