Google indexation and pagination

For best google indexation and search engine crawler bandwidth management, please read this post and then check your events website:

Events date navigation  and rel=”next” and rel=”prev”

Main calendar canonical tag

  • Your main calendar page should have a canonical tag in the header
  • wp default themes already generates a canonical tag for pages
  • Assists in telling google that alternate views are just that – ie: “alternate” and not duplicate data. EG: if you are showing views like agenda and calendar, the default first view will have the canonical tag.

Use Google webmaster parameter tools

You may wish to tell google to ignore certain parameters (eg not to ‘crawl’ into the future? ) – or maybe not… your call

  • this could maybe reduce the impact of google crawlers – else they get so clever now, they try t o follow all GET and POST parameters.
  • some parameters that may be in use in your calendar and widget date navigation are:
    • days,
    • months,
    • events,
    • start,
    • startoffset,
    • agenda,
    • calendar

Judicious use of upcoming events widgets

Think carefully about Seo, sidebars, widgets and what pages have sidebars.  Should  that events  calendar and upcoming events list be on every pageand post? Some notes: