Like the formerchampions schedule? cut and paste the listtype

There was a question in the forum about how to achieve this bands show schedule:

Example of a listtype for an artist data feed - usable in other scenarios too

It is also demo’ed at You can either follow the instructions below, or simply cut and paste the listtype to your listtype overview screen.


  • Either edit and existing agenda style list type, or
  • create a new one, then copy (cut and paste) a existing one into your new one.
  • then….

Configure the listtype as follows:

Fields to show:

Field Column Order Before
EventDate 1 10
Location 2 10
Summary 2 20
url 2 30
Description 3 10
Starttime 3 15 Time: 
Map 3 15
Addevent 3 15
Subscribe event(if using amrevents with internal events) 3 15

 Date and Time Formats:

  • Change day to : m/d/Y


  • Check month is ticked for the grouping

Icon Size

Lastly, if you want the larger icons, go to the general Listing settings => styling and images

  • Check icon size 32
Icon sizes
Set icon sizes

Optionally, you could also fiddle around with your css to make that column 3 a fixed width perhaps?

The listtype preconfigured:


Please ensure you cut and paste cleanly the whole piece of text: