How to add/remove “subscribe to event” or “add to calendar”

There are a number of “subscribe” or “add to calendar” options.  Often these are displayed by default in the chosen list type.

At Calendar Properties Level

“subscribe to the whole calendar”

“add the whole calendar to your google calendar”

At Event or Event Series Level

“addevent”- subscribe to event (internal events)

“subscribevent” – subscribe to a recurring event series (ics file or internal events)

add to google (ics file or internal events)

Adding to a list or widget

You can add them to any list type from the list type settings.

Simply add a non-zero number to the desired fields ‘column’  to make it display.

EG: To add a subscribe link to the upcoming events widget.. The default list type for the widget is list type 4.

Choose whether to display images, and/or the icon size for all list types.

Don’t forget to “Update”!