Over at getsatisfaction.com I happened across this rather positive comment made back in April, 2011 , with a link to their site

I actually found a better way to do this with the AMR iCal events list WordPress plugin (icalevents.com¬†). It has completely replaced Gigpress on my friend’s website (it works in sidebars as well). Since Artist Data provides iCal feeds in addition to RSS feeds for show dates, you can use this to link to the iCal plugin. There are various layout modes (full calendar, short calendar, event lists, custom layouts too). I think it looks 100 times better than Gigpress ever did, plus it has Google Calendar Event & Maps links for each show date (for directions to the venue), and the ability to sync a band’s ENTIRE calendar with Google Calendar and any iCal compatible 3rd party calendar applications. It’s very customizable. Here’s a link to see it in action.http://www.formerchampions.net/schedule/