WordPress events plugin with xml output? want it? why?

The IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) has just published the RFC (Request for Comment) for xcal (iCalendar in XML).

Given that the ics format works fairly well to give us calendar exchange and interoperability (given the natural constraints of human involvement in import/subscribe to their calendar apps) , does one need an xml format too ?

An argument for the existence of an xml standard is that people have already developed their own xml versions – a standard was required for interchange of data.

If you have thoughts on this and would like to see that this wordpress events plugin produce an xml icalendar feed as well as the ics feed, please add  a comment below.

Try to be as specific as possible as to the reasons and benefits to motivate the addition of the xml format – export (and hmmm maybe import).

Some input to get you going:

I think the biggest software revolution of the future is that the calendar will be the organizing filter for most of the information flowing into your life. You think you are bombarded with too much information every day, but in reality it is just the timing of the information that is wrong. Once the calendar becomes the organizing paradigm and filter, it won’t seem as if there is so much.



hcalendar microformats By the way, did you know this plugin already issues the necessary css classes for the hcalendar microformat?