Very simple event information on single event view

Our Mission:

  • to greatly simplify the event information master data displayed (no recurring next dates)
  • and surround the whole lot with  h3 heading tags
A sample mission


  1. Change (or create a custom list type).  Yes I know we are not showing the next dates, but it gives us control over the date and time formats
  2. Change the event information settings

The list type

  • Easy way: just grab the code at the bottom of the post  and paste it in to the appropriate list type in the ‘manage list type’ screen.   It is better if you have already added a new list type or change the existing one.
  • Do it your self:
    • set the date and time formats – that’s the main thing! If you do not want time to show, just blank out the time format
    • Update

The Event information

  • Choose the list type created  above
  • Set the Before /after html with the h3 open and closing tags
  • Choose DTSTART and EndDate (requires latest version of amr-events or fix as noted in forum)
  • Switch everything else off


and that should do it.


  • If it is a one day all day, the EndDate will be blank.
  • DTEND is not good for ‘all day’ events as it is the ‘technical’  DTEND as per ics spec. All day eventss will appear one day longer than you think (they ‘end’ at the start of the next day :) )


Optional: Copy and Paste ALL of this text string into a list type import field in your “manage listtypes” screen: