Horizontal Weekly Calendar

A horizontal weekly calendar is now possible (in a few hours anyway).

It was requested a while back by autrice. Then I saw the Sydney 2011 film festival schedule and I thought…

… hmmmm we could do that.

Sydney Film Festival Schedule Styling
Sydney Film Festival Schedule Styling – possible with amr-events

From amr-ical-events-list version 4.0.5 onwards use shortcode [weekscalendar]. You will need the new list type 11.  It is not exactly  the same as above.  If you really want the sff.org style, only show the summary and the event date and times.  Set all other columns to 0.

Don’t panic if you do not want to reset your list types to get the new defaults. Simply use your local test server (You do have one don’t you? you don’t do everything live …. no of course not, I didn’t really think so.)

In your test server, reset the list types, then copy list type 11 over to your main server (after suitable testing etc.)

Colour it with some category, tag or taxonomy styling.

Version 4.0.5 also offers css classes by id,  – so that you can change the category slug with breaking your styling.  All id’s will be prefaced with ‘t’ (for term,tag, or taxonomy or caTegory :) )

Maybe add some css like:

#events_wrap .eventscat,
#events_wrap table tr.eventscat td.amrcol1 {     
 border-left: solid 5px green;
#events_wrap table tr.t1 td.amrcol1 { 
 border-left: solid 5px red;

Have fun…

Oh, by the way, you always could do a weekly vertical agenda too, I’ve added a sample listtype for that too (no 12).