Custom Css for event lists

How to use custom css without losing it when there is an upgrade:

See  “Listing Events” / “General Options”.

Option: Do not generate any css, use theme css only.

The expectation here is that either

  • the plugin css is not required – the html looks fine in your theme, or
  • you have added some custom wordpress css
  •  you have modified your theme’s css


Deprecated Option: Create a custom css file for the plugin.

  • Copy/Download the defaut css style .
  • (Do not edit the css file in the plugin directory as it will be overwritten when the plugin is upgraded).
  • Edit the plugins css file (copy/download it, tailor it to suit your theme, then load it ti the wp-content/ uploads/css folder.
  • Return to the “listing Events” settings and choose the custom file from the list of files in dropdown list in the main. Update.

The plugin will then add that css file into the website’s css which ever theme you are using. You may need to force your browser to refresh changes to stylesheets. In Firefox pressing “Control Shift R” will force the stylesheets etc to be reloaded.