Custom html style file for events

The purpose of this post is to explain the custom html style file option.  There are already many html options.  Please explore those first before resorting to your own.

This option is for advanced users only with good html and css knowledge and very specific requirements.

Html styles:

A number of html styles or structures in which to report events have already been defined for you.  The box calendar styles have some very logic also attached to them.

Html style options


custom html actvation
custom html actvation

If you choose the custom option,

  1. copy the sample provided to your uploads folder. it’s in the plugin folder or here: amr-ical-custom-style-file-example
  2. edit it very carefully, ensure you have balanced tags.
  3. note the unclosed tags allow for classes and id’s to be added
  4. Consider whether you will have html in your event content and choose your html carefully to avoid having invalid nested html
  5. enter the part of the url after the wp-content/uploads
  6. be sure to choose the ‘custom’ option when you want it to take effect.
  7. Test thoroughly with a complete set of event data and of course VALIDATE the html.

Other formatting options

At your disposal, tested, with valid html etc are:

  • the ability to order fields anyway you like using the column and order fields of the “specify fields to show” in the listtypes
  • the ability to add text or html  before and after each field, if the field has value
  • a variety of meaningful css tags surrounding events and their fields and the ability to add your own css file to achieve your own styling
  • pluggable formatting functions for many fields (if you need another, just ask –  it will probably be in the next upgrade)

List Types – specify fields:

Specify which fields to display in which order, add before and after html

Css tags:

Example of css tags available

So really you’d have to have some pretty unusual requirements or be pretty perverse to reinvent the wheel and do your own html style file.