How to remove or change calendar header above event list or box

In most of the sample list types or templates provided, some calendar properties are displayed at the top of the list, including the icon link to subscribe to the whole calendar.

These can be

  1. removed temporarily (or added back if settings are still there) just to see what it looks like
  2. removed while retaining the settings (in case you change your mind!)
  3. removed or changed permanently by changing the settings
Calendar Header with calendar properties
Screenshot with calendar poroperties header


Screen shot of a events list or box calendar with no header

1. What if ? – Remove calendar properties header temporarily

Pretty much all the shortcode parameters can be used in the url as a query parameter to play around with the  display.  This is also how the widgets or shortcodes can interact with each other.

For example:

2. Remove calendar properties header while retaining settings

Simply add a parameter to the shortcode:

  • [largecalendar calendar_properties=0] or
  • [events calendar_properties=0] or
  • [iCal calendar_properties=0]

shortcode parameter

3. Remove or change permanently by changing the settings

  • Find the list type settings,
  • choose the list type you want to change,
  • scroll down till you see Calendar Properties, open it up
  • To remove permanently, set all column values for the field to 0 – this disables the fields.
  • To change set columms, order of fields and before/after text or html as you desire.  Please validate your html afterwards in the page.
  • If there are no properties with a non-zero column, nothing will display