HTML5 event listings, own event html, plugin filters …

Version 1.9.5 and 3.9.5 (the wp version)  just released has a few new features.


  • new html5 listings (experimental).  If you do not see them on your system due to saved settings, have a look at . To see on your system you may need to “reset” your listtypes  – or you can copy and paste from a clean test system if you have version 4.0 of amr-cal-events-list.
  • create your own html style (as well as the html around the event properties, you can now specify the surrounding html). More on this later -for now there is a sample file – put it somewhere in your uploads folder so it will not get overwritten.  Change the listtype settings to say “custom”  and enter the filepath.
  • wordpress filters to allow the very advanced folk to do advanced things. New filters so far are:
    • amr_events_after_sort (after sorting but before limits applied) Passes array of events and must receive one back,
    • amr_events_after_sort_and_constrain (after sorting but before limits applied) Passes array of events and must receive one back,
    • amr_event_repeats ( can be used to only generate ‘x’ number of repeats for an event despite what is in the VEVENT COUNT field) – passes the current count value, must receive an integer back.
    • amr-ical-feed-events (after extracting events for ics feed, but before producing feed).  Note a wp-query pre-getposts-filter could also be used. Passes array of events and must receive one back.
    • amr-ical-event-url – passes current url and post id, must receive back a url.  Allows you to say force the link in the listing to go to an external url rather than the event post – would make it behave similar to the external ics file that may have an event url.

Other details

  • Change: Changed default to use standard posts as events – too many wp newbies are not looking at settings and then have permalink problems etc because of the custom post type.   So make it simpler for them.  If you have saved your options – no problems for you.
  • Change: grouped events will now NEST within a group – they used to just be a kind of heading.  HTML and css tweaked so it looks the same.
  • Add: added an “unevent” option so that you can remove all the event data for a standard post and convert it back to a normal post – will help fix posts that may have been saved with event data when they should not be events.
  • Add: a check for no saved settings.  If defaults change from one upgrade to the next and the settings had not been saved, this could be confusing – people should save their settings.
  • Add: added code for wp 3.1 to use new meta query instead of meta key in general events query (note there may be a bug in wp 3.1 which shows up in the edit event menu for standposts WITHOUT an event categeory, but only one of you has asked for that!)
  • Add: plugin on wp 3.1 will now be more efficient as the new meta query makes it easier to query the data more tightly with date parameters – NOPE wp3.1 may have a bug here – stay tuned
  • Add: added filters to the code to allow folks with very advanced requirements to do very advanced things.
  • Add: added nonbreakingspaces into day and time default formats to help prevent browsers wrapping them in the table.
  • Delete: Got rid of the # bookmark feature which was cumbersome, cluttered up the html, and I do not think anyone really cared about or even knew it was there.
  • Fix: fixed problem where standard posts where getting the event data box and where recurring events were not correct in the feed.