V 1.9.4 – bug fix for invalid event data from v 1.9.3

Apologies all, a bug (one line of code commented out which should NOT have been commented out) , prevented the event data input validation error messages from being displayed when the input data failed validation.  It then caused a warning which did not look good!

If the data was good, all was okay anyway.

Thanks to Vasna for picking it up and reporting it promptly.

The corrected files are up at http://webdesign.anmari.com/2078/amr-events-download/

If you already went to 1.9.3 and have other people entering event data, you should upgrade immediately.  If it just you and you always enter your data nicely, you could leave it  for a while as there will be another ‘feature’ update in the not too distant future.

If you are very comfortable editing php, you could get away with editing edit-event.php line 640 as follows (Note the warning refers to line 646, but is due to line 640):

Change it to:

if (!$event or count($ical_errors) > 0) {
 //error_log('errors = '.count($ical_errors));
 return (false);   

It was

//    if (count($ical_errors) > 0) {error_log('errors = '.count($ical_errors)); return (false);    }

You can obviously leave the errorlog comment out. I have it there because of the way that wp does post saving with redirection – it makes it hard to pickup normal form errors and debug statements!