V1.9.3/3.9.3 twelve hr am/pm input, and some tweaks

If you very recently updated and use grouping, you will want this upgrade – a annoying bug was introduced in the last version – now fixed.

This version also includes some feature requests.  Not all that I hope to include – I had to get an update up because of the grouping bug that got in.    There will be another update with more feature requested soonish.

The major new feature here is the ability to enter times using am and pm. You can enter time in whatever way you like, the plugin will figure it out.  You can choose to display entered time as 12 am/pm or 24 hour format.  The format will default to whatever your chosen wp time format is.  Note: it uses the standard definition of 12 am and 12 pm  – google “noon and midnight confusion” and you will see what I mean!

The time entry is extremely flexible:

  • 12 am, 12am, noon, 12, 1200, 12:00 => 12:00
  • 12 pm, 12 pm, midnight => 00:00 (the start of the day)
  • 10, 10am => 10:00
  • 2pm, 2 pm, 14:20, 1420 => 14:20


Version 1.9.3 (15 March 2011)

  • Add: Ability to have dates entered in 12 hour format with am/pm as well as 24 hr format.  It will default to the wp settings, but can be overridden.
  • Change: per barikso’s request, messages output when there is a problem with the external ics file have changed.  They are more subtle now (!) with the message on hover, and have a class of error.  The class is so that you may choose to hide the messages if you wish.  The plugin will deliver cached content if possible so your site will not just look bad should the ics file fail. (I elected to go with a fake hyperlink as depending on the problem with your ics file there may be one or more messages.)
  • Change: defaults have been slightly tweaked, so if you had NOT saved your settings, you may see small changes (eg: timezone and refresh now do NOT show by default)
  • Change: settings pages restructured and some changes to make it look more like standard wordpress, not a separate look.  I dislike plugins that have their own adminlook and style different from wp.
  • Fix: replaced some functions deprecated in wp 3.1.
  • Fix: grouping logic had an error introduced in last version where last event of a group went into next group rather than previous – fixed.
  • Fix: minor error on edit screen if you had multi day event, the displayed end date may have been incorrect on the edit screen only.
  • Fix: if you had not saved your settings, no events appeared due to no default choice of post type
  • Fix: adding capability ‘read_event’ to roles.  ‘read_events’ (plural) was there however wp revision or autosave display seems to need the singular as well as the plural capability (in latest wp anyway). (wp trac report lodged)

Version 1.9.2

  • Change:  removed deprecated function is_plugin_page
  • Add: in an attempt to avoid problems when custom post types and taxonomies are added, some additional flushing of the permalinks (rewrite rules) has been added in key spots (NOT all the time, only on save of related settings pages. ) . It used to flush on activation, but that is inadequate.
  • Fix: the shortcut of just entering urls without having to say “ics=your url” was lost in a recent update. Sorry!  It’s back.