Want your website events to appear in facebook?

This icalendar to event facebook application looks like it would do the trick.  Use amr-events (or any such plugin) to generate a valid ics feed.  Add that to the application and there you should have it – integration from your wordpress events into facebook .

Note: reviews seem to be polarised (very good or very bad), and it does have a lot of users.  Note:   I have found facebook very SLOW to update either way and can imagine this may cause some of the dissatisfaction. That said I am not using this application myself, just thought it might be useful.

Reverse direction?

To go the other way, you need

  1. Activate the plugin
  2. Drop  [events ics=facebookicurl] or [iCal ics=facebookicurl]  into  a page.
  3. Publish!