amr-events v1.9.1 minor updates

Stupid Mistake was made
Part of photo by Sarah Derr

This is a minor update for those who  already upgraded to 3.9 – the free version) , or (in either amr-events 1.9 or amr-ical-events-list 3.9 ) use the ‘”lists for rows” with a grouping’ – ie like the widget default but with a grouping added in.

There may be another update along in a couple of weeks with some additional features that have been requested.  If you have a wished for feature, let me  know and i’ll see if I can add it in too.

Change log:

  • Fix: removed a debug statement that displayed in free version of amr-ical-events-list
  • Fix: default event url in list type settings should not be mandatory.
  • Fix: for list type using “lists” not table, and when one uses a grouping, the html validation failed due to a missing html tag.  This highlighted some minor things in the html that could be cleaned up – and so they have been (cleaned up)

Thanks to Barisko and Polyfade for identifying and letting me know.