V1.9 (wp 3.1 and wpml compatible!) – woohoo BBQ

Jumping for Joy

After a bit of OMG! and digging into wp 3.1 code, I figured out why pages (like your calendar page yes?) with category and taxonomy parameters would fail with a 404….. yes exactly WTF!…..  No parameters, no 404…. hmmm?

Only hit the taxonomy widget, but ….

This was NO good for the taxonomy widget… I think not many of you are using it, but I am a perfectionist so it had to be fixed.   You want more gory details see the wordpress trac ticket on pages, custom taxonomy queries and 404’s, which has the workaround – do not panic is is achievable with one of those great wordpress actions, so no core code changes!

Please read the changelog

There are quite a few code changes (change is always risky).  It has been tested on a variety of platforms (3.0, 3.1 and wp 3.1 with wmpl). There are two public  test systems which you are welcome to login to:

If you encounter any strange behaviour and have done normal debugging to isolate whether it is the plugin, or your theme etc..,please log it asap at forum.anmari.com.

I will continue to work on the plugin as there are a number of feature requests which did not make it in as I needed to get a stable version up asap.  Please add  your thoughts at the feature section of the forum.

1.9 Changelog

  • Add: Added ability to define the custom post name yourself.  This is still somewhat experimental, so please test thoroughly and report any problems asap at forum.anmari.com.  Some internal aspects will retain the ‘event’ name (eg: capability), however in general, the user visible aspects should follow your new name.  Existing users should change only with caution.  Converting existing events will require a mysql update through phpmyadmin.
  • Add: Added check for a lang query and if exists, passes it through to links generated – needed for WPML to know which language to serve up.
  • Add: add a filter to get around wp 3.1 possible bug where it tries to apply taxonomy parameters to a page query (which results in a 404).  Filter added will get around this for pages only.
  • Add: added a check for a plugin domain locale language file in wp-content/languages. This means you can have a very tailored to you translation with whatever colloquial or slang vocabulary you wish to have and it will NOT get overwritten by standard languages files.  Is that cool or ‘sick’ or what!
  • Add: added additional check when creating taxonomies. It will check if the term is already in use somewhere, to prevent very confusing permalink behaviour if the same term is used in multiple places.
  • Add: add additional calls to translation functions and comment on event info screen for WPML users.  If you want the text to be multi-lingually accessible, do not edit it in settings. Rather translate it.  Plain html  with no text is okay to edit.  Alternatively you will have to create the source strings yourself.
  • Change: Separated out the listing code (basically the free version) to simplify translation etc.  Nesting it within the amr-events version was confusing translators and other plugins. So now it will look like 2 plugins but will function as before.
  • Change: If you were still using default css file, the plugin should have updated the saved css location for you to new default file.
  • Change: Changed the text domain to plugin name to avoid confusion with translator plugins, renamed lang files accordingly (still have .mo problem)
  • Fix: Fixed bug in js which prevented one from editing the before/after fields in the event info template, if you had js enabled. (Disable js was the work around).

Listing files (3.9 Changelog)

  • Change: Table body and row html slightly re-organised to more sensible structure
  • Fix: Cleaned up some hcalendar markup to make it totally valid microformat markup
  • Fix: Fixed spacing on new ++ — pagination options
  • Fix: Fixed very specific bug when using numeric bydays (eg: last sunday ) and wanting the small calendar to link to the calendar page, with the 1 day listing.  The logic was cutting off the dates generated before the “contract” to the last x.
  • Fix: Fixed the ignore_query logic so it ignores what it should and responds to what it should (eg: for calendars, it must still respond to ‘start’ at least.