amr-events 1.6, taxonomies etc

Version 1.6 of amr-events is now available at

Version 3.6 of the free version is available as a download here: amr-ical-events-list-3.6 Do not use the zip install, it will most likely not work.  Rather unzip locally and then ftp the files up.     This version will be svn’ed up to wordpress in early February.

Version 1.6

  • Added code to cope with the php date_modify problem when adding months – it does funny things near the end of month, particularly around months like Feb.  Dates like last day of month, last sunday of month,  etc should now repeat correctly without skipping February.
  • Added additional code in attempt to cope with people whose ics file urls have been “moved” – eg: the files.  At the least a message will display to let you know  the the ical server has not send the ical file, but a “moved” message.
  • Rdates were not parsing if passed in an array – fixed
  • Day for calendar was being assigned based on original day and timezone.  The day of week can be different if the display timezone is different from the events timezone.  Moved the conversion to the display timezone before the day assignment.  Do not move too soon as all recurring etc calcs must be done in original timezone, not display timezone.
  • all day pretty printing improved – thanks to ben for the suggestions.  If the allday field is requested to be displayed, it will show a translated “all day” – you can add your own brackets if you want.  If not all day, nothing will be shown.
  • added update of danish translation files for the free version. Thank You Georg.

Version 1.5

  • Fixed bug in pretty printing of recurrence rule
  • Corrected recent bug that prevented correct parsing of recurrence rule
  • Removed htmlentities from google map link as google does not want it encoded.