Multi-day events and the calendar view

If one is listing multi day events such as an art exhibitions which show for a week say, please evaluate whether to create

  • a single multi day event or
  • a daily recurring event.

For example, consider whether you wish to show opening and closing times each day. This would allow someone to add the instance of the day that they wish to attend to their calendar, rather than adding the whole long exhibition to their calendar.

A recurring event is best for showing opening and closing times.

Recurring events

If you open up the “repeats” tab in the event creation, you will find you can specify in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways the recurence of you event:

eg: daily (m,t,w,th,fr only) or every 2nd day etc

Agenda or Calendar View

Also consider how the two options will appear in the agenda or calendar view.

In the Agenda view, a single multi day event, where it is only listed once on the day that it starts, may look best for each exhibition. (Note an event will be displayed if it is still ongoing even if the start date has passed.)

In the calendar view, if you wish to have the event appear on each day, at the moment, a recurring event is required.

The Plugin, Calendar View and Single Multi day events

Currently the plugin does not display an event on more than the day that it starts.  Doing otherwise requires some complex css to force the event to stretch across the day cells.  It would also require  the plugin to temporarily create some dummy events where the event goes across week rows.  Achieving consistency of appearance when there are other events on on that day would be quite tricky, particularly ensuring cross browser support.

This feature may be available at a later stage.