amr-events 1.5 available

Version 1.5 available.  This is to address a bug that appeared in a recent version to do with recurring events, so does not have everything I wanted to include.  It does include the following changes:

  • Fixed bug in pretty printing of recurrence rule
  • Corrected recent bug that prevented correct parsing of recurrence rule
  • Fixed a silly bug which stopped the categories from being displayed when selected for display
  • Due to some demand, added support for categories and tags to the custom post event. If you do not want the category and tag metaboxes displayed for your users, use plugin amr-user-templates to hide them for all users. To hide for yourself, just use the wp screen options.
  • Removed htmlentities from google map link as google does not want it encoded, so Köln will now stay as Köln will included in the google map link.

Download here:

This update has been made using my mobile development server – my first apple being the apple air and a sweet machine it is too… coming from the corporate business it world we were a windows household… The point of this is that it takes a while to recreate the similar development environment and tools.  I hope that none of that impacts the plugin files however there is always the possibility that it has.  Please let me know any funnies asap on

We are travelling again and the internet should be more accessible, but probably slower at the next stop. At least I hope to be able to address any issues more quickly.