Version 1.3/3.3 available – calendar widget bug fix, WPML etc

Version 1.3 (3.3 for free version) is now available

  • Added configuration file for WPML (multilingual), to ease WPML configuration relative to this plugin
  • Added support (new forum) and documentation links
  • Fixed link bug in small calendar widget – missing global variable
  • Reworked some of the remote file fetching logic. It was not working well with some hosts. One could browse to the ics file, but not fetch it remotely. It seemed to work for more hosts now (including facebook), but please let me know asap if you have any funnies.
  • Added the beginnings of some support for rsvp / attending type functionality. If you have attendees in an ics file, you can choose to list them. If you manually add them via custom field using _ATTENDEE (one each) you can choose to list them. Later will come functionality to allow members to rsvp or indicate attendance.