Amr events version 1.0 available

An update is available, at as well as some updated documentation pages here, the plugin site.

amr-events changelog:

Version 1.0

  • Feature to switch off title text on event link in upcoming events widget was briefly lost when the small calendar widget was introduced. This fixes that.
  • also minor bug on day links in small calendar fixed
  • a change made to taxonomy request links to be clever for people who had entered a calendar url and then changed their permalink setting.  It should now cope with whatever you do (provided you have your permalinks working anyway – you may need to “flush” them). The plugin does flush the rewrite rules on activation as recommended, however some websites seem to require a manual flush.  To do so, go to your admin menu settings > permalinks, note your preferred settings safely, save on that page.  If permalinks not fixed, change back to default, save, change back to preferred permalink setting and save again.

Version 0.9

  • very minor update for people who want greater than one month in agenda view, but still have calendar view (one month).  The agenda view in initial mode, still show future dates only (unless modified with offset parameter), calendar view will however show all dates for the current month.  IE: calendar view will now perform the same whether you use a [largecalendar] shortcode, or the [events] shortcode