How to make the refresh icon or link show?

The refresh icon or link is an optional extra that external ics users may want.

Sample Calendar Properties configuration
Sample of displayed calendar properties

If you’d like to switch it on to show for your calendar,

  • Go to the plugin settings page
  • Click on the list type you want to configure
  • Click open the ‘calendar properties’ section
  • Find the ‘icalrefresh’ row
  • Enter a column number eg: 1. Note: 0 means no display
  • Save.
  • Go back to your display page. Redisplay it. Should see refresh icon at top.

Note: In any place where you can enter html you can configure your own refresh link – all you need is a ‘nocache’ query parameter at the end of the calendar page url.  Either &nocache or ?nocache depending on your permalinks.

To switch it on in the widget list type, enter a column number other than 1 against the ‘icalrefresh’ row:

Calendar Properties are switched OFF for the sample widget list type

If you do not like the refresh icon supplied, you can either:

General Options
  1. switch supplied images off and just have text links ala Google – tick ‘no images’ in the general settings
  2. possibly use css image replacement techniques and your own css to add your own images
  3. Do your own html link.