The events plugin helps you localise your events website

Plugin language files available

amr-ical-events-list (the free version) handles most of the ‘public’ side of the events plugin suite, so a translation file for that may be adequate, you use a plugin to add your own translations.    Full latest language list available here:

  • Italian (amr-events and amr-ical-events-list) – by Andrea (sciamannikoo)
  • Lithuanian (amr-ical-events-list) by Nata Strazda from Web Hub
  • Swedish (amr-events) – by Emil Jonzon
  • Polish (amr-ical-events-list) – by Katarzyna from
  • French (amr-events and amr-ical-events-list ) – fxbenard aka 3emeOeil
  • Danish by (amr-ical-events-list so far)  Georg
  • Dutch by Fred Onis
  • Romainian by webgeek
  • Belorussian (amr-ical-events-list so far) originally by iam from, and now updated by Alexander Ovsov from Web Geek Science
  • Russian (amr-ical-events-list so far)” by
  • Hindi translation (amr-ical-events-list so far) by Ashish J. of Outshine solutions
  • Ukranina translation  (amr-ical-events-list so far) by Michael Yunat of

Useful Plugins

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