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Please ensure that you use  amr-ical-events-list 4.6 or later.

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Occasionally (rarely to tell the truth but it does happen) there is a few minutes delay in the notifications coming from paypal. That means your membership may not have been updated yet.

Maybe take a walk around the block? – your body, your mind and the dog will thank you. Then refresh the page.

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This can be frustrating especially if late at night you decided to buy access and think a few more minutes and you’ll be up and running and can go to bed with the job finished.  Web development rarely works out like that, sadly.

And of course one’s effectivenss drops and everything takes longer…… although it is nice to work late at night when the world is quiet.  So quite and peaceful and your brain  ‘flows’.

Until something like this happens.

Really though, take a deep breath, run a warm bath or a cup of chamomile, tomorrow is another day, hopefully a more effective day?  Of course who knows what else may be in store for your part of the world – hurricanes, bushfires, epidemics…..

You can of course try contacting me. I’ll do my best to sort you out once I know about it, although usually when I look at it, it has self resolved.