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Notes on how to achieve various effects when working with either event plugin.

Complete multi-lingual event website

To achieve a complete multi-lingual website using amr-events and amr-ical-events-list, the following are required: the wordpress language files These are required for the day, month etc event time localisations.  See this post for instructions and links. your theme language files … Continue reading

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Importing events from a csv file

Simple events can be imported into amr events using a csv file and third party plugins that are capable of importing into post_meta data. Continue reading

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Styling the dates

I received a question about whether the plugin could style dates in the way the little purple date is shown in the header image of the website and the plugins wordpress page.   The calendars shown in the header are … Continue reading

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Finding the Facebook events ics feed for subscribing or syncing

I’m not a fan of facebook…..however I get asked the questions, so have had to develop some familiarity, so here’s a quick reference until facebook changes things again. Before you get too stuck in to facebook for your events,  look … Continue reading

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Table css, overlapping or disappearing sidebars

Table widths and css Tables are wonderful  - they expand beautifully and naturally to fit your content, but sometimes that same content can make the table do  weird things. Please be sure to test your css in your theme with representative … Continue reading

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Google indexation, pagination update

For best google indexation and search engine crawler bandwidth management, please read this post and then check your events website: Events date navigation  and rel=”next” and rel=”prev” Version of amr-ical-events-list 4.0.26 or higher will have rel=”next” and rel=”prev” tags in … Continue reading

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External ics files timing out?

Slow server? Ics refresh problems too frequent? In version 4.0.24 of amr-ical-events-list, the default http timeout in wordpress can be extended for ics fetches.  5 is the wp default. Note: using a large number may mean that your calendar page … Continue reading

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User Interface for entering events

What do you value in an event entry interface ? what makes it easy for you to enter events correctly Continue reading

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Like the formerchampions schedule? cut and paste the listtype

Instructions to produce a bands show schedule using amr-events or amr-ical-events-list wordpress events plugins Continue reading

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How to add/remove “subscribe to event” or “add to calendar”

Adding subscribe or add to calendar links to your event list or calendar Continue reading

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