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amr-events v3.0.12 and amr-ical-events-list v4.6 now available

Mostly some language tweaks – thanks to Joerg and Roger for helping to identify.  Please note plugin does also use some default wordpress strings and the wordpress date and time localisations. Changelog: amr-events – available here: Tested with wp … Continue reading

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Update to v 4.0.28 rich snippets in html5, google add event to calendar

Want google rich snippets in widget events and html5 event lists? Using the “add to google calendar” event link ala Google Event Publisher with all day events ? Version 4.0.28 of amr-ical-events-list is now available at wordpress and fixes two … Continue reading

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V 3.0.10 amr-events

A small update: Change: some taxonomy admin help improvements wrt sticky urls Change: utilities code had risk of a loop – risk removed Please ensure that you use with amr-ical-events-list 4.0.25 or later. Login to download update here:

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Google indexation, pagination update

For best google indexation and search engine crawler bandwidth management, please read this post and then check your events website: Events date navigation  and rel=”next” and rel=”prev” Version of amr-ical-events-list 4.0.26 or higher will have rel=”next” and rel=”prev” tags in … Continue reading

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v 3.0.9 and list version 4.0.25, taxonomy admin/db fix

amr-events 3.0.9 post type type check in latest wp taxonomy creation – if taxonomy admin page saved many times, multiple versions of taxonomy were created in the db – bah! amr-ical-events-list 4.0.25 Fix: Some changes made to assist with debugging … Continue reading

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Events plugin version update – ical feed generation with html

Version 3.0.8 of amr-events is available. The primary change is  the way html is handled in the ics feed for the description of an event. Some applcations will cope with the html, but there are other applications which do not. EG: Google calendar … Continue reading

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amr-event v 3.0.7 and amr-ical-events-list 4.0.17 (excluded dates)

Updates of both events plugins are now available amr-events v 3.0.7 amr-ical-events-list 4.0.17 Changelog: Fix: Excluded dates got slightly broken for internal events somehow. Fixed. Fix: ‘allday’ was not detected quite correctly for multi days in ics files – fixed. … Continue reading

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Spaces in category css classes and multibyte in feed

Fix for categories with spaces in the name being used as css classes, and multibyte correction for odd characters in the ics feed Continue reading

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Minor update 3.0.5 – event url permalink

A minor update was made – the event url now uses get_permalink not the post guid.  This is better practice in the long run as wordpress may change how the guid is built up. Currently it works like a ‘safe’ … Continue reading

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amr-events 3.0.4 and amr-ical-events-list 4.0.12

New versions should be up any minute.  It’s an interim set of versions packaged up for some of you who are waiting on features and ‘fix’tures.  It’s not everything… if you are okay at the moment, you may wish to … Continue reading

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