Ics Feeds, RDATEs and google calendar – version 3.11

Google calendar has always been slightly more particular about ics feeds and frustrating in the lack of information it gives if it rejects a ics url.   Thanks to Toby Hage, a couple of oddities to do with blank lines in descriptions and  in repeating dates (RDATES) in the ics feed were been identified.   These are now resolved in version 3.11.   This version is up at http://test.icalevents.com/ and all appears to be stable so far.  It is available for download at http://icalevents.com/downloads/amr-events/

If any of you have any feature requests, please contact me at anmari@anmari.com.



Improved performance in amr-events 3.6

Version 3.6 of amr-events is available for download.

It should be used with the free listing part: amr-ical-events-list version 4.30.       Several improvements have been made in the way that event meta data, taxonomies etc were being retrieved.  This has reduced the database queries made when producing an event list from events in wordpress.

If you have a fairly recent version, and your access to the automated updates from icalevents is still current, then  it should appear in the normal wordpress plugin updates.

Event Roles and Capabilities

From version 3.3 on wards, amr-events now has three optional additional roles:

  • Event Contributor
  • Event Editor
  • Event Manager

If you wish to keep your event creation separate from your post creation, these may be useful.  If you are updating the plugin, you may find that you need to force an update of the various roles (even existing admin may need capabilties manually added).  So while one hopes not, just in case:  use a role manager like https://wordpress.org/plugins/members/

Event Capabilities as seen in the members role plugin
Event Capabilities as seen in the members role plugin