Update to v 4.0.28 rich snippets in html5, google add event to calendar

Cat pondering timezone differences

So if the website timezone is San Francisco, and the link generates UTC time and my google calendar is in Sydney... then it's right ?

Version 4.0.28 of amr-ical-events-list is now available at wordpress and fixes two annoying bugs:

  • In trying to make the html5 list options ‘clean’ some html markup was removed – this meant that the necessary classes for  google rich snippets, or microformats was no longer available.  The necessary markup is now back.  Lists that did not use html5 were always and are still okay.
  • At time of writing the google documentation does NOT adhere to the ics specification for all day events – it does the human view.  Actual functioning and their event button html generator tool does adhere to the spec.  This means that in the google link the end day for all day events must be the ‘next’ day.  (Think of it as the all day event ends at the very start of the next day.)
  • When testing be aware:  the links to add an event to google are required to have dates and times in UTC timezone.  If your timezone is very different – eg when  you live on the other side of the world, testing can get very confusing -… add in a daylight saving change and you need some good maths skills… or set your website temporarily to UTC !


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