v 3.0.9 and list version 4.0.25, taxonomy admin/db fix

amr-events 3.0.9

  • post type type check in latest wp
  • taxonomy creation – if taxonomy admin page saved many times, multiple versions of taxonomy were created in the db – bah!

amr-ical-events-list 4.0.25

  • Fix: Some changes made to assist with debugging some folks sites caused code changes caused some problems with unset objects – particularly in calendar.  all good now.
  • Fix: Widget or ungrouped list could have missing ‘ul’ if no grouping s in thelist and an “html list style” of “lists for rows” was used (This was old default for widgets). Now fixed – ul will be issued even if there is no grouping. Alternatively you may prefer to use “html5″ html list style instead – see ‘other’ under configure listtype.  All nicely html validating now, except of course for those ‘rel’ errors in wp themes – pity – I miss that green tick.
  • Change: Deprecated the “lists for rows” html style option (still works, just discouraging use of it)
  • Change: Removed ‘<span>’s that wrapped ‘cell’ content in the “lists for rows” html style. Since html text could conceivably end up inside the “cell”, this would result in invalid html – cannot have paragraph tag inside a span. Overall this should be low impact; particularly as other html styles are more ‘attractive’ – html5 etc.

HTML 5 and other options…

Did you know you could choose what kind of html should be produced ??? eg: HTML5 options exist.   Yup – been there since last year sometime.    See http://icalevents.com/documentation/html-list-styles/

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